Thing 1: Lifelong Learning

The habit I think will be most challenging is Habit 5- Create your own learning toolbox.  It is, of course, what I’m doing in this course; the challenge is to create an organized toolbox, (in the allotted time),with all the tools I’ll need ready to go.  Habit 2- Accept responsibility for your own learning, is the easiest for me;  it’s second nature for me to continue to learn.  On the other hand, that habit which will be the most important for me as I work through this course is Habit 4- Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner.  The confidence I experience in all other areas of learning dissipates a bit as I read each new Thing and Task.  I suspect that those areas of learning I most readily embark upon are those which suit my interests and talents most comfortably.  This is not the case here, so I must remind myself that I will be successful.

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